Easter and Chiropractic

As I was observing yesterday’s Easter holiday, my thoughts, went to “What is Easter?”  In the past I had researched this very question and below I share that research as well as it’s correlation to Chiropractic.

Easter or Eostre, is the pagan fertility goddess, symbolized by rabbits, hares, and chicks.  She is a symbol of spring, of new birth and growth, characterized as the goddess of carnal pleasure, beauty, and (physical) love.  She is often associated with the vernal equinox (spring) as well.  The coloring of eggs and the “Easter Bunny” are modern remnants of past Easter celebrations.  The ancient’s all had their “Easter” goddess as well. Romans called her Venus, the Greeks, Aphrodite.  The Norse had a similar goddess, Freyja as did the Inca, Mayan and a number of other religious cultures.

Due to the timing of the calendar between spring, Passover, and the crucifixion, early Christians took the Easter celebration and made it their own by coloring eggs red to symbolize the blood Christ shed and cracking them to symbolize the triumph over death (cracking open of the tomb).  In modern culture, there is a growing movement among Christians to discontinue using the pagan term “Easter”, preferring to call it what it is, “Resurrection Day.”

There is a medical assimilation of chiropractic characterized by physical therapy, manipulation, and terms like “Chiropractic Physician.” There is also a growing movement back to “principled” Chiropractic, characterized by the nerve system, a connectedness with God, and the full expression of natural abilities of the body.  Much like their Christian counterparts naming the day what it is, (“Resurrection Day,”) Chiropractors prefer to name the profession what it is,“Principled” Chiropractic.

In the end, it is a matter of your choice.  Do you prefer the pagan Easter or the Christian Resurrection Day?  Which suits your faith and world view?  Do you prefer Chiropractic or a medical assimilation of such?  Your answers will tell you much about yourself and your world view.   Regardless of your answers, they will anchor your position and strengthen your faith (religious and/or health care).